An Introduction of Sorts

An Introduction of Sorts

How about an Introduction....I'm Lisa

So the glass world is small. Really small. I have never met almost all of you and yet I do feel connected by this wonderful hobby we have. Glass fusing was just that for me - a hobby. Years ago I took a stained glass intro class at Prairie Studio Glass. It was owned by an old flames father and I wanted to make a good impression. Let's just say that they call it a beginner class for a reason. I have learned a lot since then.

I would go about my evenings after work playing in my glass room. My hubby called it "tinkering away". I would try just about any technique I could collect the materials for. I took one class from Patty Gray at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas which I learned so much in. Other than that it was just me and my kiln, clicking away in the basement. It became a great love for me.

One day my father contacted me and said that my Grandmother Rosnah wanted to gift me some money before she passed away. She did this for all her grandchildren and to her I will be forever grateful.  I took her money and invested in a waterjet, because it was something I wanted, not needed, which was one of her demands when using her gift. I think from up there in heaven she would be proud of the work I am doing and how happy I am and how happy my customers are too.

So now I have left my full time job to give running a business a try. Fuse Muse Fused Glass has it's ups and downs but I am learning.

My father was a small business owner and he offers great advice about financing and customer service. My sister is great with words and marketing and social media and so I often get some suggestions from her as well. My greatest support is my husband Dan. He is always encouraging, always saying give this a try or how about this instead, always listening when I can't wrap my head around something.

I also have two teenage boys, that keep me hopping. My oldest is going to a technical college this coming September, and my youngest has decided to never leave his room and computer. He is the son that is more like me and with any luck (mine not his) he will have the courage to do something different, kinda like his mother. 

I thought it was time I let you know who I am and how I came to know you. My introduction of sorts. I hope to get to know you better in the future. I would love it if you sent me photos of the pieces you make with my precuts. I also love the stories you tell me about why you made those choices in art. 

That is me in a nutshell (squirrels and all). 

Enjoy Creating!


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