Nature Inspired Precut Shapes - COE 96

Precut Fusible Nature Inspired Glass Shapes

COE 96 Nature Glass Shapes

What's not to love about nature? Nature has been proven to make you feel better. It reduces depression, anxiety, stress, and anger, as well as makes people generally feel more content. The precut nature inspired shapes have proven popular with our glass artists. 

They include Animals, mermaids, Yeti, Bigfoot, Trees, Insects, Moons and much more to inspire your next glass project.

Using precut glass will make your glass work pop and really stand out. They help you to relax whilst being creative because you don't have the stress of cutting shapes yourself. 

Fuse Muse precut glass can be used for Fusing, Mosaics, Stained Glass and Blowing to craft stunning glass art for everyone to enjoy.

Precut Glass Shapes For Glass Fusing

These Pre-cut glass shapes can be used for most glasswork including stained glass, mosaics and fusing. They are cut with Water Jet Technology and are free of sharp edges. They are precise and detailed cuts. You can now Save time on every project by using precut glass shapes from Fuse Muse. They can be used for making ornaments, decorations, jewelry, dishes, artwork and almost every fused glass project.

Selected by Fused Glass, Mosaic and Stained glass artists as well as hobbyists.

Need a special shape? No problem. Contact us with your custom shape request