Sports Themed Shapes - COE 90

Sports Theme Precut Glass Shapes

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of sports-themed creativity with our exclusive collection of precut glass shapes, expertly crafted using state-of-the-art waterjet technology from COE 90 glass. From helmets to trophies, our meticulously designed shapes offer limitless possibilities for your glass art projects. Achieve unparalleled precision and clarity in every piece as you bring your favorite sports to life in brilliant color and detail. Our sports-themed precut glass shapes will ignite your imagination and elevate your creations to championship levels.

COE 90 Glass can be used in a wide variety of glass art projects including:

Stained Glass - Mosaics - Fusing - Jewelry - Ornaments - Plates - Dishes and More

These Sports themed precut shapes are cut using waterjet technology providing a clean cut detailed piece of glass with no sharp edges allowing you to work quickly and safely.

Shapes of COE 90 Glass

And if you need something really special we can cut a custom glass shape just for you. So get creative and relax with your fusing by using pre-cut shapes in your next Christmas project.

Precut Glass Shapes For Glass Fusing

These Pre-cut glass shapes can be used for most glasswork including stained glass, mosaics and fusing. They are cut with Water Jet Technology and are free of sharp edges. They are precise and detailed cuts. You can now Save time on every project by using precut glass shapes from Fuse Muse. They can be used for making ornaments, decorations, jewelry, dishes, artwork and almost every fused glass project.

Selected by Fused Glass, Mosaic and Stained glass artists as well as hobbyists.

Need a special shape? No problem. Contact us with your custom shape request