A Guide to Buying Glass Ornaments

A Guide to Buying Glass Ornaments

Nothing says it's Christmastime quite like decorating the tree. It's one tradition that's enjoyed by everyone — young and old.

Ornaments are a large part of the seasonal excitement.

 Christmas Tree Truck Fused Glass Ornament

Consider getting fused glass ornaments if you want to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. These ornaments are made of durable glass and can showcase your personality beautifully.


Should You Buy Fused Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments to Decorate?

Glass ornaments seem very impractical for getting your Christmas tree to sparkle. "Won't they break?" you'll ask, likely your first and only question about this mesmerizing ornament.

The short answer is no. These ornaments possess remarkable resilience — as far as Christmas ornaments go. Compared to many other ornaments, and when made by a practiced artisan, fused glass is renowned for its durability, making it a popular choice in various artistic and functional applications. Through the meticulous process of heating multiple layers of glass until they fuse together, a strong bond is formed, enhancing the glass's resistance to chipping, cracking, and fading.

Keep in mind, that if you have small children or furry friends that like to play with ornaments on the tree, to hang your fused glass ornaments higher to keep them safe. Even if you're not a sentimental tree decorator, no one wants to clean up a shattered mess of colorful glass off the floor.

Fused glass typically won't break or shatter when dropped unless you throw them to the floor with great force. If it's the latter, it's not only glass Christmas tree ornaments that'll break but any ornament.

 Flip Flops Fused Glass Christmas Ornament in different colors

Thankfully that sturdiness is why these glass ornaments are also perfect for gifting. The array of unique and colorful glass ornaments you can find online means you can share the excitement and beauty of fused glass with loved ones.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Fused Glass Ornaments

You can decorate a Christmas tree using fused glass ornaments in two ways: decorate the entire tree using these ornaments or add in a few here and there.

Decorating an Entire Christmas Tree with Glass Ornaments

If you love an aesthetic tree like the ones you'll see in model homes or catalogs, you may choose to decorate your Christmas tree with glass ornaments, which is a great idea if you have more than one tree in your home.

 Glass ornaments catch the light beautifully and make this relaxing clinking sound when they move around in the tree — kind of like tree chimes.

 Heart with heartbeat Fused Glass Ornament

The best way to decorate an entire tree with glass Christmas tree ornaments is to start with glass bobbles in your color scheme. Then you can use fused glass Christmas tree ornaments to add personality — and color — to your tree.

Mixing and Matching Glass Ornaments with Other Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you're looking to add glass ornaments to your growing collection of decorations, you'll maybe only want to add a few ornaments each year.

To give each ornament sentimental value, you can send your family and friends a link to Fuse Muse Fused Glass to see the ornaments you think they'd like and let them pick their own.

Then add these ornaments to the tree, either with the help of your family or on their behalf. Doing it this way will help you narrow the glass ornaments you want to add this year.


6 Glass Christmas Ornaments Your Family Will Treasure

If you're on the hunt for a new favorite Christmas ornament, this list can assist you in narrowing down your options and you will be purchasing a handmade ornament from an artist. 

Moose Fused Glass Ornament 

1. Moose Fused Glass Ornament

Experience the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights with our hand-painted Moose Fused Glass Ornament! This captivating piece showcases the iconic moose in stunning detail, brought to life with vibrant colors that mirror the enchanting hues of the Aurora Borealis. Let the spirit of the wilderness and the magic of the Northern Lights fill your home with wonder and awe this holiday season.

American Star Fused Glass Ornament

 2. American Star Fused Glass Ornament

What better time to express your patriotism than during the holiday season? This American Star fused glass ornament is a great gift idea and a perfect way to honor veterans. You can even add a star to it for every veteran in your family.

Coffee Lovers Fused Glass Ornament

3. Coffee Lovers Glass Ornaments

Commemorate your love for coffee with this stunning Christmas ornament for coffee enthusiasts. It features a timeless design that will impress and keep you going during the jolly season.

Monkey Fused Glass Ornament

4. Monkey Fused Glass Ornament

This delightful ornament showcases a playful monkey, sure to ignite your little one's imagination and curiosity. Embrace the joy of creating treasured holiday traditions together and cherish the wonder in your child's eyes as they marvel at this whimsical ornament, destined to become a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Black Bear Fused Glass Ornament

5. Black Bear Fused Glass Ornament

Embrace the wilderness this holiday season with our Black Bear Fused Glass Ornament! This captivating piece features a lovable black bear, adding a touch of enchantment to your Christmas tree. Meticulously handcrafted with vibrant fused glass, the ornament radiates a unique charm that will capture the imagination of all. 

Cardinal Fused Glass Ornament

6. Cardinal Fused Glass Ornament

Handcrafted with meticulous detail, this exquisite piece captures the iconic beauty of the cardinal. Beyond its traditional representation, cardinals are believed to be messengers from heaven, symbolizing the presence of lost loved ones during the holiday season. Add a touch of wonder and meaningful tradition to your festivities.


Given how many gorgeous glass ornaments there are, it's easy to overdo your decorations. However, rather than get several "cheap" ornaments from major retailers, opt for quality, distinctive designs from local artists who make glass Christmas ornaments by hand. 



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