Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is Coming!

Ask anyone who knows me.... Halloween is my FAVORITE Holiday.

Everything from the costumes, to the makeup, to the home decorations, even those kinda scary movies. I love them all.

And my love for Halloween has been inherited by one of my kids. I have one who is as fanatical as me. He even has been volunteering as a scarer at our local Haunted Hallway since he was 10.

It is the highlight of his year.

Especially when he scares one of his teachers. LOL! And then my other child absolutely hates Halloween. It is the season of scary things, crazy masks, and people jumping out and making him yelp.

He won't even go to the Haunted Hallway with the lights on. It just isn't for him. He is the older child.

Personally, I can relate to almost everything except for his disdain for this wonderful season.

Oh, a mother can dream, but we don't push him about liking Halloween anymore. 

This is really my first year making Halloween Ornaments and Halloween themed precuts. I have had a blast designing them.

Hopefully you can give one or two a try. I personally can't wait to see my Frankenstein platter come out of the kiln. I'll try to post a picture.

He is my favorite and it is one of my treasured movies.

So enjoy the cooler weather on the horizon, sip pumpkin spice tea on the porch, jump in that pile of leaves, and make some Halloween glass. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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