How To Use Precut Glass Shapes

How To Use Precut Glass Shapes

How, When And Where To Use Precut Glass Shapes.

There are many ways to use your glass precuts, but it depends on how you usually use your glass. For ideas on how to incorporate them into your work see below. 

Glass Fusing

  • Add an animal into the background of a nature scene
  • Use front and centre on bowls, coasters, and more
  • Sprinkle with frit to add color to Christmas ornaments
  • Use as a piece in sun catchers
  • Hang from the bottom of windchimes
  • Incorporate them into pieces for combing
  • Use precuts together in a theme piece (i.e. a lovely day at sea) 

Glass Blowing 

  • Put precut glass pieces into roll ups.
  • Add them to scenery vases
  • Use to add variety to frit pieces
  • Add them for interest on Ornaments
  • Make your piece something special

Stained Glass

  • Foil them for unique Stained Glass pieces
  • Add unique shapes that no one else has
  • Use them as a special symbol in your work

Glass Mosaics

  • Use a precut as the central theme in your work
  • Add precuts to your mosaic to catch buyers eye
  • Bring your mosaic to the forefront 

Precut Shapes can be used in glass work (many forms of it) and mosaics in so many ways. Open up your imagination and see the limitless possibilities.

How do you use yours, drop a comment and let us know.

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