The Man in the suit is coming...

The Man in the suit is coming...

I don't know about you but I am having a bit of a hard time believing that Christmas is coming this year.

The lack of Christmas shows, concerts, get togethers and general revelry is starting to get to me a bit. I miss my friends and I miss getting to meet other glassies at classes and workshops.

I miss meeting with so many people at the craft fairs and shows. I miss the little bit of money that it brought in to pay the Christmas bills and buy more glass. Wow this blog post is getting me down. 

On to the good stuff. We all know that the world is in a state of upheaval right now. Well, there is no place to go but up and out of it.

Get our ducks in a row and check off all the boxes. We will get through this and with any luck by next year, with a vaccine and some grit, we will come back even stronger.

Booking shows by the dozens, selling items like they are hotcakes, and making glass like never before. I will be signing up for classes to help support those who put them on and to get my chat on with my people.

And you are all my people.

It has been a hard year on everyone, but I feel it in my bones that we are learning what makes us happy.

For me that is doing, making, cooking, cutting, selling, and learning glass. So keep on keeping on. 

This virus can kiss my glass!

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