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Fuse Muse Fused Glass

Ducks & Long Grass Adhesive Stencil Design

Ducks & Long Grass Adhesive Stencil Design

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Ducks and Long Grass Silk Screen DIY

Silk Screen Printing Supplies

Introducing this duck and her goslings has never been easier with our Duck and Long Grass Adhesive Silk Screen! Elevate your artistic projects to a new level by capturing the playfullness of this mother and her goslings.

This duck is 2 5/8" tall while her goslings extend 7.5" in width. The grass is 10 3/8" long and extends 4 3/8" in height.  The duck and grass duo silk screen enables you to effortlessly transfer the beauty of these ducklings to fused glass, wood, metal, paper, fabric, polymer clay, and beyond!

In addition to fused glass and ceramic screen printing paste, you can work your magic with heavy-bodied paint, mica powder, chalk, pastels, and fine particle acrylic paints like Jacquard or Golden. Your chosen medium will fuse seamlessly with the template, ensuring every stroke is a masterpiece.

Crafted with utmost care and precision, our silk screen template guarantees durability and reusability. The adhesive backing secures the template in place, preventing any paint smudges or bleeding, so your artwork is perfect every time.

Don’t forget to order your squeegee with your silk screen. It's the perfect companion to ensure impeccable transfers and to help you achieve stunning results with ease.

This silk screen comes with a free tutorial for Fused Glass.

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Donna M
Long grass stencil

Good product with beautiful results.