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Fuse Muse Fused Glass

Music Notes Silk Screen

Music Notes Silk Screen

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Reusable Silk Screen Template for Designs on Glass, Polymer Clay, Ceramics, Wood, Fabric or Paper

This is an Handmade Silk Screen for printing. Simply attach your stencil to your piece with masking tape, add your medium at one end, then squeegee it across the screen or use a stencil brush and paint. Carefully remove the screen and Voila! You have a beautiful design to help build your art piece.

Keep in mind this is not a normal stencil but a silkscreen.


⭐️ Stencil design is 2.75” tall and 6.5" wide

⭐️ Use it with Heavy bodied paint, enamels, mica powder, chalk, pastels, and fine particle acrylic paints such as Jacquard or Golden depending on your medium.

⭐️ Use this silkscreen over and over making it very cost efficient.

⭐️ Allows you to make items no one else will have.

Don't forget to add a squeegee. They are available here ->

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carol Ratliff

I love how flexible the stencils are.

Debbie Connell

This silk screen is of high quality and will be able to be used numerous times. Easy to clean

Pam Belleville
Great design

Love this design. Any music lovers will enjoy applying this to their glass glass work